Simion Mattis

Sim specialises in musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries

Sim graduated from Manchester university as a physiotherapist in 2006. Since graduating, Sim has worked in both the NHS and private sector, specializing in musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries.
Sim plays 5x side football on a regular basis and  is well aware of the demands on the serious and not so serious athlete. Over the years, Sim has developed a strong working relationship with specialist consultants and is involved in post operative care as well as injuries.

Sim has completed many post graduate courses, including Mc Kenzie spinal training and specialist shoulder rehabilitation courses. Sim has developed a great reputation for successfully treating shoulder problems and has a good working relationship with shoulder surgeons. Sim uses a range of treatment modalities as well as rehabilitation exercises in an attempt to help you avoid shoulder surgery.

Sim is interested in postural and repetitive strain related problems which may present over time. He has an interest in normal movement and biomechanics and by finding out a person’s movement faults and imbalances aims to correct the causes of the problem as well helping with symptom relief.

Sim regularly updates his knowledge and skills to maintain evidence based practise. He maintains his registrations with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), Health Professions Council (HPC),