Joint Injections

Jo Gardiner is a Chartered Physiotherapist, fully qualified in Muscoloskeletal injections and routinely injects joints for consultants.

She runs various NHS injecting clinics and also works as an Extended Scope Practitioner in the NHS dealing with all things to do with the muscular and skeletal system.

How this works?

Existing patients can be referred by their physiotherapist if they think an injection of steroids is the next step.  You will be given a letter to take to your GP asking for a prescription of certain drugs – this is usually on the NHS but you can request a private prescription.  You arrange an appointment with Jo Gardiner ; appointments last 30minutes during which time she will inject the area and aspirate if necessary.

Areas injected

SHOULDERS:  Sub-acromial bursitis,, Rotator Cuff tendonitis, Shoulder Capsulitis,

ELBOWS: Tennis/ Golfers Elbow,

HANDS: De Quervains tenosynovitis,

HIPS: Trocanteric bursitis

KNEES: bursitis, osteo-arthritis, tendonitis, inflammatory conditions

FEET: mortons neuroma, osteo- arthritis, big toe pain, OA 1st metatarso-phalangeal joint

If any scans, x-rays previously taken Jo Gardiner would prefer to access these prior to injection.

Appointments and prices


Thursday/Friday mornings are preferable – evenings by arrangement if necessary.

Sessions are 30 minutes                                                                                        £90 including injection

If patient been assessed elsewhere by GP, other physio and Miss Gardiner happy to inject, appointment for injection must be preceded by telephone consultation and a follow up consultation post injection. Payment taken in advance at initial telephone consultation. £110

New patients (not referred by physio here) need an assessment as per any treatment – usual cost of £39 for the 30 minute face to face assessment (normal physio charge) but this would usually be done by physio and only need to see Ms Gardiner if physiotherapist is unsure about diagnosis/suitability

Proforma letters to be prepared on clinic letterhead by Ms Gardiner for prescription request to GP is free of charge.

To make an appointment, just ring 0161 448 7844 or contact the clinic directly through this website. We can usually see you within 24 hours and will do our utmost to get you seen as soon as possible.

Our assessments last 1 hour and cost £45. We like a full hour with you so we can give you as accurate a differential diagnosis as possible; we do this by a range of assessment techniques and importantly, listening to your story. During the assessment you will need to undress enough to expose the relevant area.

Having 1 hour with you means we can start treatment during this session and get you on the road to recovery quickly with home exercises and advice on what you can and can’t do.

If we feel that physiotherapy is not for you, we will be able to advise on the best path for you; we have strong and deep rooted links with G.P.s and consultants as well as ergonomic consultants for work related problems.