I haven’t felt comfortable running since November, when my knee gave way again and I developed some anterior knee pain – my feeling was that I had tweaked my medial meniscus and running on it was not going to help. Instead, I have focused on swimming and cycling to keep my cardio-vascular fitness from dropping too much.
I’m doing well in my swimming, let’s not get carried away, I am still the drama queen at the end of every length making all the puffing and woo noises while everyone else just gets on with it, but I am actually enjoying the sessions – still only managing once a week – work gets in the way of so many things doesn’t it.
Cycling. When I started with the triathlon thingy, I knew my running and swimming were my worst disciplines, so I have focused on those and for some reason my cycling has taken a back seat. Recently, getting out on the bike with my pal Becs Harris reminded me how much I love it – shooting down county lanes feeling exhilarated. Becs used this time of exhilaration to suggest a trip with TEAM GLOW (more of this amazing group in a bit) to Mallorca in April. It would be a week of cycling at my own level on a beautiful Spanish island – done and done. Once paid I started to get messages from the group like “don’t worry if you haven’t got on the 167km sportive, we will be able to do the same route one day in the week” ONE DAY? 167KM? It’s all good though, after a planning meeting at the hidden gem of a tapas bar l I am super excited. There will be some steep and long rides, but we don’t set off until about 9am and apparently there are plenty of stops for tea and cake. The women at the tapas night also seemed to enjoy the odd cheeky sangria so all is good in my head.
On Valentine’s day, I went out with Team Glow for a morning of hills!!!!! Let me tell you a bit about Team Glow; they are a women only cycling club committed to promoting cycling to women at every level. They did not get funding to set this up in the first place as far as I am aware, it was and still is a purely voluntary organisation. I’ve been on a couple of rides with them, the first ride was about a year ago – I went along to this road riding group on my mountain bike, got a puncture after the first 3K which I managed to fix and I puffed my way around with a lot of encouragement from the other women – not one negative word about the new divvy – it did encourage me to get a road bike and that I would be fine to join them again.
The Valentine’s day massacre, I mean hill ride, was just the same as far as encouragement was concerned but WOW, by the time we had finished, I was actually whimpering and I was numb from the waist down for days – happy Valentine’s day lover boy. This was us at about 26miles over Rivington. I’m the one in yellow in the foreground with the white helmet on. If you want to get cycling and need some friends to help you along, I can’t recommend Team Glow enough http://www.teamglow.net/