Soooo, it’s been a bit of a slow week exercise wise; I don’t want to make my exercising a punishment so after a bit of a stressful and frankly a bit of a sad week personally, I have just had a rest and watched pointless on the telly – but less of my self pity, self pity, have a cuppa tea.

Last Friday I had a cosy night with a curry and a bottle of wine – all very lovely until the following morning when, encouraged by the lovely Amanda Friedland, I went off to the Platt Fields Park run in South Manchester.   I love the park run, the atmosphere is great and the community feel so good.  However, I always get butterflies and feel a bit sick before any sort of competition or game – I know its the adrenalin kicking in and this is a good thing usually.  Its not a good thing when you are still full of wine and curry!!!  About 2km into the run I started to realise my dilemma was only going to get worse.  I knew I couldn’t walk because it would take a lot longer to finish – I tried to run a bit faster but my lungs were having non of it.  I tried to think of a happy place where I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by pooping. All I could think of was “well if Paula Radcliffe could do a quick poo during a race then so could I” but there is nowhere to hide in Platt Fields – oh the agony, I was almost in tears.  Finally the finish line loomed and I made a push (not that kind) for home.  I’d gone a bit too fast and as soon as I crossed the line I started to retch – the horror as I tried with all my might not to explode from both ends of my body ( I always get back to the film “Scanners”).  I found a bench and had just a couple more minutes to wait until Amanda crossed the line.  I don’t care how I did running wise.  My achievement on that day was getting to a loo at home – never felt so relieved.

I’m often putting myself in embarrassing situations – earlier this year I was getting a few heart palpitations and getting very hot at the same time.  I mentioned it to my G.P. and she kindly sent me off to get my heart checked out.  I rocked up at the heart checking place at Wythenshawe hospital.  It was during the hot bit of the summer so I was only wearing a slip dress with underwear underneath.  Typical for me, I hadn’t actually read the details of what I needed to do – I imagined a bit of an ECG and bob’s your uncle.  Anyhoo, I went into a little room with a nurse who asked me to get undressed.  I slipped off my dress and she exclaimed “ Oh, is that all you have on??? Nevermind we’ll sort something out”.  Hmmmm, this was a bit worrying but how bad could it be?  I had stickers put all over my chest and asked to put on a hospital gown – open at the front and only a pair of undercrackers on.  I was duly led into another even smaller room that was dominated by a treadmill and 2 young people.  I was asked to run while they recorded my heart and blood pressure while they steadily increased the speed and incline.  The gown was flapping, I was huffing and puffing and there was a lot of bouncing and jiggling, but determined not to seem decrepit  I kept on running – it was a distressing 15 minutes for all concerned and I can only apologise to those young people.  My heart was A1 so I guess its the menopause – what joy.

Check out Amanda’s charity for ADHD kids super cool events and for a great cause.