Cor, it’s suddenly gone cold and I just don’t feel like going out in the cold night air.  I’m going to try and go running in the mornings I think.  I missed track training last night – bit disappointed with myself but I didn’t want to leave my lovely dog Sid in on her own on bonfire night.

So, it’s about a year since I injured my knee, rupturing my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).  The ligament gives you stability and controls twisting.  As I’ve decided to try and rehabilitate my knee to FULL health without an operation, I need to do specific exercises to get the supporting muscles strong.

I had my 1 year assessment with the amazing Rob Sheridan, he’s one of the team of physios at and although we all treat all sorts of problems, Rob has a particular interest and expertise in ACL problems.  His main gauge of how I’m doing is to get me to do a single leg squat and see how controlled I am – which is amazingly – even if I do say so myself.  It’s weird though to see how your body movement changes – when I completely straighten my knee in standing my whole leg bows out.  I still have to improve my muscle control but it is a funny party trick after one or two gin and tonics.

I’m doing what we would consider a standard range of exercises but it does make me smile when I review the names of my exercises; every day I do a mix of the following exercises:

  • The 747
  • The tipping kettle
  • The pissing dog
  • The Marylyn Monroe
  • Side planks – trust me this is one amazing way to boost those gluts.

I have been a tad stiff (massive understatement) so I have been using a foam roller at home to loosen off my achy thighs.  If you don’t know, a foam roller is a meter long foam roll, similar to the noodles kids use in the pool but a lot firmer. A little while ago I was rolling away – it is very painful and I was probable moaning a bit.  It was the middle of the day, I was fully dressed and rolling away on my bed with the door closed.  My mum had decided to pop around unexpectedly, popped her head into my room and, on seeing me rolling away with probably a pained expression on my face she exclaimed in a very flustered way “ Oh gosh I am soooo sorry “ and hurriedly closed the door.

I sat for a moment, quite bemused.  What on earth did she think she’d just seen?  And how do I clear this up?  I went downstairs: “Mum, I’m not really sure…….” “It’s ok darling, I should’ve knocked, it’s nothing to do with me”  “ but Mum I’m……..” “ No really Belinda, let’s just move on” .  She’d used my Sunday name so the conversation was at an end, but I have no idea what sort of fetishes she thinks I have.

Anyhoo – get rolling, it will save you pain and money in the long run.  Look online but you should get one for aroung £18