It is 2 days after my first track session with Manchester Triathlon Club – 4 days after my first swim session.  I think I may have made a mistake with all this exercise malarkey – I can still be a sports physio whilst drinking beer and smoking tabs surely?? Good news is that my knee is holding up grand – I’m doing all my knee and hip rehab exercises every day.  Bad news is that I can only walk like a cowboy.

2 days ago I turned up at Longford Park Athletics stadium for my first track session.  I was really nervous – isn’t that daft at my age but there you go.  The last time I had been on a track was about 25 years ago and it had been that very track.  I had been entered for the 200m sprint at a club meet.  We started on a bend, the gun went off, I, for some unknown reason ran straight into my neighbours track  which annoyed her to say the very least.  Hence, all this unhappy memory was coming to the fore as I approached one of the coaches.  After a few questions about my ability I was put in beginners – thank goodness.

I was a bit nervous, as I said , so decided to warm up around the track, going the opposite way to other runners – it was odd that the scene from the film Grease was in my head, the one where John Travolta is trying to be an athlete, showing off to Olivia Newton John, running around a track.  Was this a bad omen?

My coach was Karen and as with all the coaches so far, she was welcoming and encouraging.  I explained my problems were fitness and the overwhelming desire to walk instead of run.  No problem says she.

To begin with, we did drills; these are going up and down a short stretch of track going up on toes, leaping high, bending low etc.  “Billie, you are doing so well at this, very stable” well, I do respond to praise very well and felt spurred on.  Karen looked a bit bemused when I offered to bring in gold stars for her to hand out next time.

There is nowhere to hide on the track and as the rest of the session was just running around and around ( not quite sure what else I expected) I found it all hard and had to dip out of a couple of laps.  I do remember having to reassure some worried looking people in the higher groups – “ it’s ok, I’m just a very noisy breather, no need for CPR  just yet”

I tell my patients to stick with something for 6 weeks and it will all get easier – Lord alive it’s only week 1 and I can’t walk without whimpering.  I have booked myself in with the amazing Dawn Cocker for a deep sports massage tomorrow.

Right, time to get off my chair and drink some milk.