Clearly, my weakest point of the triathlon trinity was swimming.  I did try to have an outdoor swim a few weeks ago – I joined Uswim and duly turned up at Salford Quays for a swim outside the Lowry.

It’s a great set up – there’s music, changing rooms, camaraderie, a safety boat and several lifeguards dotted around the Quay .  I felt a little worried looking at the 750meter swim circuit – surely it was a lot more than that.  I put on my wetsuit – this was the first time I wore it and was yet to find out its perverse sadistic nature.  I had been told the wetsuit would help me float and make the swim feel easier.

The water was surprisingly warm and I didn’t feel the need to warm myself up the recommended way.  I set off and felt surprisingly good  – 20meters in I started to suspect I had a bit more enthusiasm than ability/fitness.  By 300 meters I was having to float on my back for a little rest and on the last stretch of 300meters I had one of the lifeguards following me – I know this for a fact because when I fell out of the water I went to ask him and he told me I looked like a distressed seal.  Still got it girls!!

SOOOO –  I decided to join Manchester Triathlon Club.  I went for my first swim session at Moss Side last week.  It was like being the new kid in school – I felt nervous about showing myself up and didn’t know the drill.  It was a tad embarrassing when presented with a sign in sheet I had to collar someone to help me write it as I didn’t have my glasses.  Ho Hum.  I entered the water with 3 other women in my lane – brilliant coach asked us to swim 4 x 400m sets of front crawl with 20sec breaks between sets —AAAAHHHHHHH – I knew it was a 25 meter pool but for the life of me I couldn’t even begin to work out what her instructions actually meant – the more I thought, the more I sweated , and I was in water.

I decided to just follow the woman ahead and let my brain have a rest before it exploded like in the film Scanners.  Yaayy, I did it, I was hot but satisfied and as I was about to get out she explained that I had just completed the warm up.  100meters of this, 50 meters of that, on and on it went – it all started to sound a blur.  I actually laughed out loud when she said we would now do 50meters of butterfly ( it could’ve been hysteria, its too difficult to say) “ you can wear fins to do it if you like” says lovely coach.  Not clue one about what you have to ask your body to do – so we left that one.

Somehow, I swam for the full hour .  I have to admit that I poured myself a large glass of red wine as soon as I got in, sat on the bed for a second and woke up the following morning feeling like I’d had my ribs punched.  I’m supposed to go back 2 or 3 times a week but I’m going to leave it 1 week and build up slowly.

Right, I’m off to find out how to do butterfly on YouTube.