Sooo, after seeing Mr Turners registrar at Stepping Hill Hospital in January, I was put in for surgery to have my ACL ( anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructed.  I was told it would probably be about April time before I got a place.  I was given the waiting list telephone number and a name – Justine.  I spoke with Justine and explained that I am ready to come in if any cancellations and although I am grateful for the op, I would rather not come in April as I’m going cycling at the end of the month and my knee would not be ready.  This woman could not be more pleasant and helpful, and when someone did ring to cancel their operation she called me and offer me the place.  Pretty amazing service don’t ya think.



They got the right leg – good start.  I had ridiculously made a trip to the beauty salon to have my legs waxed and toes tidied up the day before!!!

Arrived in the day ward at 7am and shown straight to a bed where I was then visited by the consultant, Prof Turner, his registrar, the physio and the anaesthetist.  The op was done and I was back on the ward by 1.30pm.





This is a little of what they found. xray

The top left photo shows the remnants of the ACL which was then removed.  The top right shows a bit of stray meniscus that was shaved off.

No real pain immediately after – I felt great as it happens and by the time my lovely friend came to pick me up at 5pm I had made friends with everyone on the ward.  Morphine, who knew!leg_after

I was on crutches and pretty wobbly and was promptly deposited in bed with my legs elevated all night.  I did get my exercises started a little bit – just trying to bend and straighten and lift the leg – it just all feels so heavy.

I know this may sound odd, but I’ve had a lovely day.