Dawn Cocker - Masseur

Dawn has 12 years of experience and has specialist skills in sports massage

Dawn has worked in this area for 12 years, specializing in sports massage and injury treatment and prevention as well as massage in pregnancy.dawn_cocker Dawn works as a both as a clinician, a tutor and assessor for sports massage, training physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports rehabilitators. Dawn understands the importance of working as a multi-disciplinary team member as works very closely with the physiotherapists at the clinic. Dawn’s client base is wide in their requirements; Dawn treats very serious athletes both pre and post event as well as people wanting to maintain their well being in general. A growing client group are those that develop postural muscle pain secondary to working at a desk and driving; managing symptoms improves productivity, reduces absenteeism and helps in maintaining a general sense of wellbeing. Dawn is qualified to massage pregnant women and at the Village Physio we have a pregnancy pillow that allows you to lie on your front (phew), allowing a comprehensive treatment. Dawn does use hot stones in some of her treatments – don’t think this is a relaxing beauty treatment. The hot stones are used to get deeper into sore spots without excessive pain and it is VERY effective – mention you want to have this when booking, it doesn’t alter the price.