Billie Hall

Billie is the owner and founder The Village Physiotherapy and Sports injury clinic in Didsbury

Billie completed her physiotherapy degree in 1987. After working in the NHS for many years and working in America and Australia Billie returned to Manchester and founded The Village Physiotherapy and Sports injury clinic. Through extensive postgraduate training she has gained standards of excellence in treatment of sporting injuries, spinal pain and chronic pain. Her experience also help her understand and treat many professional musicians resident and touring in Manchester. Her versatility and experience has also allowed her to treat a wide range of sporting professionals, actors and other performers.

Billie is also a qualified ergonomist and works with many private and public sector companies comply with health and safety requirements and more importantly reducing absenteeism by recommending workstation changes.

Billie is now working to manage and develop the rapidly expanding Centre whilst maintaining the highest professional standards. She hand- picks only the best clinicians to work with her.