Lift up your child’s school bag – does it feel heavy?  Heavy bags and limited locker space can contribute to back pain in children and adolescents which can make them more prone to back pain as an adult.

As well as carrying heavy schoolbags, ill-fitting classroom furniture combined with sedentary lifestyles; computer games, using laptops etc slumped on bed or couch and poor posture means many adolescents could be exposing themselves to back trouble.

What to do?

  • Use a ruck sac and encourage them to use both straps
  • Clear out bag daily
  • Set up a desk with supportive chair for school work.
  • for advise on setting up desk
  • Improve your posture– kids learn by example.
  • Limit use of ipads, laptops etc on sofa to max 20mins – for longer use a desk and sit back in the chair.
  • Help your child find something they enjoy exercise wise – martial arts are very good at strengthening postural core muscles