Whether sitting in a comfy chair at home or in an office chair, the principles behind healthy sitting are the same:  The spine should be fully supported and in a balanced position.

1.    Sit right back in the chair, making sure your bottom is right back.

2.    Pull the shoulder blades back and down, pushing them firmly back into the back rest of the chair.

3.    The back rest of the chair should be angled back by about 15degrees – having the chair bolt upright puts too much pressure on the lower back.

4.    The feet should be firmly supported on the floor or a foot rest BUT the knees must be lower than the hips – if the knees are higher than the hips you are forced into slumping the lower back.



5.    When sitting correctly, with the WHOLE spine fully supported, the keyboard and mouse should be within easy reach, keeping the shoulder blades supported, the upper arms more or less vertical and the elbows at the same height as the fingers on the keys – this is how you get the correct height of the chair.

6.    The back of the neck should be long – feel it.  Put the top of the computer screen level with your eyes.


7.    Don’t sit down for too long – home and office.  Ideally you should stand and stretch for a few moments every 45 minutes or so.  The key to a healthy back is to keep the back mobile.